Companion is an application I work on with my friend Dan. Targeted at SMEs, it’s a toolkit for organisations to build healthy and productive workplaces.

It contains over 50 audio and written guides, breathing exercises, and strategies to help deal with common causes of workplace stress and anxiety - from managing pressure through to challenges like imposter syndrome. Featured on the NHS App Library, with 100k downloads and counting!

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Role: Product design, prototyping, ongoing product development, social media, marketing website design, investor decks…
Illustrations by the super talented Emil Paun.

Onboarding and plan creation

Create your personalised mental wellbeing plan full of actionable strategies written by our team of experts. Receive a strategy prompt every morning to help you to build healthy habits.


Access our weekly online workshops focused on helping you manage your mental wellbeing and build your mental resilience in the workplace. After the session, a recording can be accessed within the app. The presenter also suggests exercises and articles from the app during the session.


Companion's library of expert audio guides is constantly being updated, and right now there are 300+ guides covering over 40 different topics. If you want to learn about stress, discover how to communicate more effectively or find a better work/life balance, there's an expert audio guide just for you.


We created a set of breathing and thought reframing exercises to relax and reduce anxiety. They really do work.

Social media and marketing

This was all managed by myself and Dan in the early days. As well as assisting with Instagram and Soundcloud posts, I helped deliver a marketing website and numerous sales decks in the pursuit of investment (and yes, some of them worked!).

Component library

The application is built in React by a remote development team. Hand-off is done using Zeplin, and we quickly established a lightweight design system which allows us to build and test new things fast.

Find it in the App Store

You can find us in the App Store. You can download the app and have a play with the free version.