Product design, prototyping, tone of voice, QA, logo... the works. Helped lead the redesign of a doctor-founded and clinically-led digital health service from the ground up for web, iOS and Android. Was Principal Product Designer for several years, and played a key part in helping shape the product’s evolution. I joined the company when it was a 12 person startup based in a Shoreditch WeWork, and watched it grow to a 500+ person publicly listed company. Some ride 🎢.

Client: Doctor Care Anywhere →

Role: Product design, problem framing, prototyping, tone of voice development, user testing, QA’ing, delivering… This page is a visual overview of some of the many things shipped during my 6 years as Principal Product Designer - contact me if you want to chat about any of them.

Appointment booking

I recently led the design overhaul of the appointment booking process, resulting in a 15% increase in appointments booked within 20 days of launching. The redesign needed to incorporate new services (like in-person appointments, and appointments without any GP at all) and help guide patients to the most appropriate outcome.

Prescription fulfilment

An overhaul of the prescription fulfilment process saved our Patient Experience days of time every month. As little as 20% of users opted to collect prescriptions themselves using our ePrescription service, meaning our operatives had to phone pharmacies and fax across documents (yep, fax). Redesigning the flow helped us to increase that number to 40% within a month of launching, and 65% a year later.

Component library

‘Stethoscope’ was Doctor Care Anywhere’s first stab at a design system. V1 was a component library, synced with Zeplin, with the groundwork in place to integrate with Storybook. The working design file could be published as a web link for anyone in the business to look at. You can view the mobile system here, and view the web system here.

Tone of voice guidelines

Initiated and led the development of a tone of voice guidelines, collaborating with several other business units.

And lots of other things

Like a custom messaging app for GPs to share messages in a secure and audited manner, an MFA implementation, an overhaul of our video consultation technology and UI, and a really cool way for patients to share their heart rate during a consultation (which nobody used - win some, lose some).